9 Ingredients You Should Avoid While Doing Hair Care

A hair care routine should be followed regularly to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. A hair care regime contains many hair care products that work for different purposes, and the products are divided into two categories, organic and non-organic

All the ingredients present in organic products are beneficial for hair. Still, some ingredients of chemical products are considered harmful for hair. For example, if you are looking for hair growth serum online, you need to know which ingredients will be suitable for your hair and which will not. So, in this write-up, we will share details about a few ingredients you should avoid while purchasing hair care products.

1.   Sulfate

This element is available in all types of non-organic shampoo because sulfate is beneficial for removing oil and cleaning your scalp. The lather in your shampoo is because of sulfate, which can be suitable for oily and greasy hair. Still, many trichologists prefer to switch to sulfate-free shampoo during hair care. Applying sulfate-based shampoo for an extended period can dry your hair. Also, it can remove natural oil from the scalp, which leads to dull, dry, and frizzy hair texture.

2.   Paraben

Generally, Parabens are found in every shampoo that contains chemicals, and these components are used in products to fight against bacteria. According to some studies, using a shampoo that contains paraben can be the reason for cancer. However, research shows no evidence that paraben can be the direct reason for cancer. Still, regular use of paraben can damage your hair because it can soak all harmful chemicals through your skin. Paraben can be a reason for itching scalp, hair fall, and dryness as well.

3.   Mineral Oil

This is a common element found in non-organic hair care products. When it comes to hair care, mineral oil helps keep your hair shiny, protects it from spit-end, and helps to keep it manageable and smooth. Still, there are side effects of using products, including mineral oil; this will create a barrier of residual particles so that your hair can not absorb the richness of good hair care products.

If you want to grow hair without applying harmful chemical-based products, you may consume one of the best hair growth vitamins to keep it lively and long hair. Also, you may visit the MD Factor website to get a variety of organic skincare and hair care products & health supplements.

4.   Synthetic Fragrance

Regarding hair care products, synthetic fragrances are one of the most harmful chemicals for the skin and hair. The presence of fragrance in products can be a reason for itching, redness, and allergic reactions. Research has shown that shampoo or hair growth serum containing synthetic fragrances can lead to headaches and dizziness. If you have allergic reactions and you are using fragrance-based products may lead to an itchy scalp, redness, and inflammation. Synthetic fragrances are considered toxic elements, which can be dangerous to apply to the hair.

5.   Coal Tar

You can find coal tar easily in hair dyes and beauty products to give an artificial color effect. Coal Tar, obtained from petroleum, carries many harmful chemicals such as carcinogens, benzene, and aluminum substrate, and it can cause brain damage and cancer. Coal tar can irritate your eyes while applying hair dyes. Besides this, coal tar can be responsible for dry and rough hair, inflammatory scalp, and color stain. Try to avoid using products, including hair care products.

6.   Silicones

Many people avoid using silicon in their makeup and hair care products. When you use silicone-based products, it can help to leave a shiny effect and create a protective layer for hair length. Daily usage of silicone-based hair products can be a reason for dry and rough hair because the presence of silicones in your hair can not penetrate the wellness of natural oils. Due to this, many trichologists recommended using silicone-free products.

7.   Para-Phenylenediamine

Para-phenylenediamine, also known as PPD, can be found in almost every hair dye. PPD can be responsible for skin irritation, allergic reactions & UV sensitivity when it touches your skin or the scalp. Also, it can create rashes, redness, itchiness, blisters, and scarring. If you don’t have any option except to use hair dye that contains PPD, do a patch test before using it.

8.   Denatured Alcohol

You can find this substance in a wide range of hair care and beauty products, even in hair growth serum. Regular usage of alcohol-based products may be responsible for dry scalp, split ends, and excessive hair fall. If you have dry hair texture, stay away from products, including alcohol. It contains many chemical compounds; among them, isopropyl alcohol is the most harmful chemical, which can lead to your hair’s extreme dryness.

9.   Phthalates

Generally, phthalates blend ingredients in hair and skin care products. This element can make chemical fragrances, which might be added to hair care products. For example, hairspray, hair mousse, and other products linked with hair care. Applying phthalates-included products can damage your hair. Also, it can be a reason for asthma, skin cancer, dry scalp, etc.

Bottom Line

If you are searching for the best hair growth vitamins as supplements, you may visit the MD Factor. Here you can find several health supplements that promote hair growth. Besides this, you can get an exciting range of organic products that connect with hair and skin care.

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