Different types of lights to grow marijuana indoors

Growing marijuana requires a lot of sunlight and care and if you are growing it indoors you are going to run into issues with sunlight. That’s where the need for artificial light for marijuana plants comes in. They offer you the convenience of growing it indoors, in your basement, and doing it just as you would do with sunlight.

So let us talk about some types of lights best for indoor marijuana growth from the seed phase.

  1. HID 

HID lighting systems need a ballast, hood/reflector, & bulbs for each light. Some ballasts are made to run either MH or HPS lamps, but many more recent models can run both.

Start with HPS bulbs if you can’t afford both MH and HPS models because they produce more light per watt. Though less expensive than digital ballasts, magnetic ballasts run hotter, are less efficient, and are more demanding on your bulbs. In general, digital ballasts are preferable, but they are more expensive. 

Cheap digital ballasts should be avoided because they frequently lack adequate shielding and can produce electromagnetic interference that interferes with WiFi and radio signals.

HID bulbs produce a lot of heat, so you’ll need to mount your lamps in air-cooled reflector hoods unless you’re growing in a big, open space with lots of ventilation. This calls for exhaust fans and ducting, which will raise your initial cost but make managing the temperature in your grow room much simpler.

  1. Fluorescent grow lights

Small-scale cannabis growers prefer fluorescent lighting, especially when it uses high-output T5 bulbs, because:

  • Since the reflector, ballast, and bulbs are all included in one package, they are typically easier to set up.
  • Since they don’t produce nearly as much heat as HID setups do, they don’t need a cooling system.

The main disadvantage is that fluorescent lighting is less effective, producing 20–30% less light per watt of electricity used; space is also an issue because it would take about 19 four-foot-long T5 bulbs to produce the same amount of light as a single 600-watt HPS bulb.

  1. LED grow lights

Since they were first developed, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been improving in efficiency.

However, there are advantages: LEDs have much longer lifespan, consume much less electricity, produce much less heat, & the best designs produce a fuller spectrum of light, which can result in higher yields and better quality.


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