Hair Fall: Causes and Treatment


Adult alopecia is a relatively frequent disease. Hair loss may be distressing to both women and men’s self-esteem. Even though we all lose a certain amount of hair as we get old, some individuals are genetically predisposed to lose greater amounts of hair as they age. Other medical disorders might cause hair loss. Slow progress has been achieved in hair fall treatment throughout the years.

Hair Fall Causes

It is typical to lose 50-100 hairs every day. Anything beyond that might indicate excessive shedding. Some hair loss causes might result in unique hair symptoms and patterns. Continue reading to discover more regarding common reasons.

1) Age

Virtually everyone experiences hair thinning and loss as they get old. The  cells develop and die off at various ages, but as we become older, the cells die off faster than they replenish. It is the cause of our thinner skin and weaker bones. And the same is true for the hair.

As we get old, the scalp produces less oil, which may cause the hair to become brittle and weak. This may also lead to total hair thinning and loss.

Pattern hair loss, or commonly known as androgenetic alopecia is a disorder in which some individuals have increasingly severe hair loss as they age. We will go through this in further detail later.

2) Genetics

This hair loss type usually begins around the temples and spreads to the top of the head in men. There might also be some thinning at the top of their heads.

Women generally notice it initially where they split their hair, although there is progressive thinning all around. The hairline usually remains constant, although the hair part might broaden.

You might’ve heard that hair loss pattern is acquired from your mom’s side of family, but experts have revealed that a lot of genes influence your likelihood of experiencing pattern hair loss. One of these genes influences how the hair follicles react to androgens (oftentimes called “male hormones”).

3) Hormonal Shifts

Higher testosterone levels in individuals who have congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) may induce female pattern hair loss. If you’re a female who has noticeable hair loss and any symptoms stated below, you should talk to your doctor about testing your hormone levels:

  • acne
  • excessive hair growth on the body or face
  • acne

Other factors that might produce significant changes in the hormone levels, such as pregnancy, delivery, hypothyroidism, menopause, might also have an impact on hair development. If the prescriptions alter the hormone levels, even modifying the medication regimen might cause the hair to thin. A few women, for instance, may have hair loss if they discontinue using birth control pills. However, with correct therapy, you may reduce or prevent hair loss in the majority of these situations.

4) Stress

You see a lot of hair dropping out of the blue. It is on the floor, the pillow, your clothing, and it is caught in the shower drain. You are reluctant to comb your hair since it appears to fall out so quickly. Telogen effluvium is the medical word for this.

You may feel as though you’re getting bald during a telogen effluvium. You will not, I guarantee you. Telogen effluvium is a stress reaction. Excessive hair loss begins two to three months following a stressful emotional or physical incident and peaks four to five months afterwards. The body adapts over time, and your hair eventually stops coming out. Things will return to normal in 6-9 months.

What’s the Best Treatment for Hair Fall?

Fotona Smooth Mode for hair fall treatment is an innovative Er:YAG therapy that uses regulated and mild bulk-heating to awaken dormant hair follicles. Fotona Hair Restoration promotes metabolism and boosts scalp blood flow, leading to hair growth. The procedure could take up to 30 minutes. It is virtually painless. No numbing cream is required. The handheld piece is placed to the selected treated region during treatment to transmit combined energy deep under the the scalp’s surface to the target hair follicles. These customized wavelengths are given with unrivaled safety and speed, with little to no pain.


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