Main emphasis of the book “Toughen Up” is on how to become more mentally strong from the inside out

To what extent would you say that your mind is robust? Do you persevere through the challenges that life inevitably hands you and use them to become a better person? Or, do you often resort to hunkering down in bed? To be resilient is to be able to withstand misfortune without being broken by it; this concept has become one of the epidemic’s catchphrases. As a consequence of the pressure, you may have even grown up a little. Everyone knows someone who is able to bounce back from adversity quickly, and it’s natural to think that certain people are just endowed with a robust psychological constitution.

However, other studies have shown that a person’s life events, personal qualities, mental attitude, and social interactions all contribute to their degree of resilience. This means that you may train your mind to become more resilient. The 75 hard program is essential here.

Strength Of Mind And Its Importance Towards Success

Some of the world’s best athletes will tell you that their mental toughness is the only thing that keeps them going when they’re down to their final few metres, reps, or seconds of competition. Being psychologically strong is much more than simply having a “do or die” attitude, and it’s not reserved for elite athletes or special forces teams. Anyone has the potential to train their mind to be fit. Everyone, regardless of background, temperament, or character trait, has the potential to strengthen their resilience, learn to cope with adversity, and ultimately flourish as a consequence.

When a person can keep their cool in the face of adversity and handle life’s inevitable demands, they are considered to be mentally strong. This encompasses both expected and unexpected hardships, such as passing a test or getting a promotion, or being ill or having an accident. People who are resilient can retain their cool in difficult situations and find creative solutions to problems.

One of the many reasons why mental toughness is so important is that it helps people keep their cool when things become rough. Superior health, happiness, and psychological status, as well as contentment with one’s life in general, are all correlated with a strong capacity for resilience. Being resilient makes it simpler to pursue your passions, discover your life’s calling, and live a fulfilling existence, all of which increase your availability to serve others.

The Question Is, What Is It That Might Have A Detrimental Effect On Our Mental Toughness?

Our mental toughness may be weakened by a number of factors, both internal and external. Over time, the effects of stress that isn’t properly controlled may be felt on the mind and the body. The sense of being overwhelmed is exacerbated by the belief that we lack the resources (emotional, mental, and physical) to meet the demands that are put on us.


In addition to genetics, our daily habits may play a significant role in determining how resilient we are. People with higher levels of resilience also tend to sleep better, and vice versa, therefore sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality is linked in both directions to resilience. The link between the mind and the body in terms of mental fortitude is thus made apparent.

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