When’s The Right Time to See A Chiropractor for Back Pain?  

Back pain seems to be a universal issue for people in this modern day and age, For some people, it’s a short-term issue, but for others, it can spiral into something that persists for months or even years. So, when exactly do you start chiropractic treatment for lower back pain​​? Read on to find out.

What is Back Pain?

Back pain is a common issue for people in Singapore, and it can manifest as feeling stiff or simply having tension in your back all the way to shooting pains and trouble moving. This can happen due to many issues such as repeated weight impact, moving in the wrong way, an accident or just bad posture. Back pain can happen to people of all ages and persist if not treated correctly.

When Do You See a Chiropractor for Back Pain? 

If you have concerns about your back or are struggling to manage pain levels, it’s smart to see someone about it, especially if it’s persistent pain that has existed for more than a few weeks. 

See A Chiropractor if you experience these for longer than a week: 

  •     Constant pain when you move or lie down. 
  •     Pain shooting down one or both legs.
  •     Redness or swelling in the pain region.

See A GP or emergency services if you experience these: 

  •     Unintentional weight loss.
  •     Back pain after a serious accident, fall or injury from sport. 
  •     Bowel or bladder issues.
  •     Experiencing a fever that’s ongoing. 

What Happens at Chiropractic Appointments? 

Now that you know when to see a chiropractor, it can be daunting to go in for the first time. So here’s what will happen. 

During your first appointment, the practitioner will ask you questions to discern your health history for your back pain and in general. You will be asked questions to help diagnose the pain, and then you’ll be asked about what treatments have been done in the past. 

Then there will be a physical exam that may include things like checking your blood pressure, pulse and respiratory state. After all this, if needed you may be asked to take an X-ray or MRI to diagnose more unique pain issues that may arise. 

Now that the practitioner has evaluated your condition and understands how to treat you, they will often create a treatment plan to help you treat the back pain. This can include adjustments, stretches, massage and soft tissue healing to name a few. This step is also where the practitioner will break down the costs for you, so you can decide if it’s a financially feasible option for your budget. 

Choose Light Chiropractic

When the time comes to choose a chiropractor, you can’t beat Light Chiropractic in Singapore. With over a decade of experience, they work collaboratively with medical professionals to offer you the best all-around treatment on the market. 

Schedule a visit now and say goodbye to your back pain! 


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